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Review generation
Automatically get new reviews via SMS, MMS, email, website, kiosks, mobile app
Get new reviews on third party review sites or your own website
Integration with 1000+ apps, CRMs, PMSs
Direct Google Reviews – private API integration with Google
Create and track reviews goal on individual or all review sites
Review monitoring
Monitor reviews from 250+ sites from one dashboard
Receive instant or daily review alerts via email or SMS
Set alerts based on review rating, review source, keywords
Review Management
Respond to reviews on third-party sites directly from on dashboard
Review Response Templates
Auto-respond to reviews
Automatically flag reviews with spam or slander
Bulk review management using review tagging and ticketing
Tag employees to review to manage performance
Review Marketing
GoClutchPromotions business profile showcasing business information, and reviews
GoClutchPromotions business profile ranks on Google search
GoClutchPromotions business profile is included in Google knowledge panel
Google seller raings: Display 5-star rating in Google Adwords campaigns
Showcase reviews on your business website via iFrame or API
Auto-share reviews on Facebook and Twitter
Take video reviews on mobile app, easily share on social media channels
Boost your search ranking on voice assistants, Google, and Maps
Beautifuly-crafted pages that are customized to your branding & websites
Single source of truth for all your business locations
Guide customers to their nearest business location
Scan how your business appears online
Update your business listings across 50+ sites
Share videos, photos, business hours on 50+ sites from one dashboard
Create campaigns for reviews, customer experience, survey, promotions
Create automated workflows, drip or instant campaigns
Create custom HTML templates to match your brand and voice
End-to-end conversion funnel report
Unified inbox for Webchat and 2-way texting
Initiate and archive conversations
Receive emails alerts and push notifications
Convert website visitors into customers
Customized chat window to match your website
Enable chat for multiple websites and locations
Chat in real-time with customers while they are on your website
Automatically respond to frequently asked questions about your business
Meet customers face-to-face with Video chat
Get new leads by letting your customers refer your business to their friends
Easily send a request from the GoClutchPromotions dashboard or mobile app
Setup automated campaigns to send or schedule requests
Customer can choose how they refer your business – Text, Email, Facebook & Messenger
Customized the referral texts/emails, images, and landing pages
Track all the request send and shared
Get notified when you receive a lead and engage them instantly
Create surveys for customer, employee, product, brand experience
Mix and match multiple question types
Add advanced skip and display logic to increase question relevance
Distribute surveys via Email, SMS
Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey reporting
Include 3rd party review request within survey
Reply to survey respondent via email
Convert survey responses into service tickets
Role-based survey response alerts for locations and teams
Create support tickets from reviews, social mentions, surveys
Assign tickets to employees, track issue resolution
Receive email alerts for service ticket creation and updates
Advanced reporting to track ticket resolution
Customer feedback analysis using Natural language processing
Understand what’s working, what needs attention
Location analysis –  understand relative operational performance
Create and manage custom categories and sub-categories
Edit snippets – refine insight based on business priorities
Download insights as Excel / PDF reports
Benchmarking performance vs. competitors at brand, location, product level
Access public review data for all your competitors
Compare reviews and ratings over time, by source, by category
Track brand mentions for your competitors on 30M+ sites
Competitive insights by theme, source, product
Reviews and ratings over time, by source, by location, by custom hierarchy
Customer satisfaction over time, by location
Net promoter score (NPS) for surveys, 3rd party reviews
Employee leaderboard
Visitors traffic report
Download reports in Excel / PDF
Mobile App
Create and manage customer database
Get new reviews – text reviews, image reviews, video reviews
Manage reviews, respond to reviews
Share reviews to social channels and business profile
View reports of reviews and ratings over time, by source, location
Enterprise Features
Role-based dashboards at corporate, regional, branch level
Custom hierarchy and filters – regions, locations, products, employees
Create your own user experience by integrating GoClutchPromotions REST APIs
Setup custom user role & role-based permissions
Execute bulk operations via UI or excel for 1000s of location, users

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